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Corporate & Non-Profit Giving

Why Give Trees?

Besides the obvious fact that planting trees restores habitat for all sorts of critters, many customers and employees are working from home, making it difficult to give that office gift everyone can share.

Somehow spending money on stuff doesn't seem quite right with so many people struggling. Chocolates are over-packaged, and wine is too expensive to ship. Why not do something for our planet- Plant trees for gifts!

Personal Giving

How it Works

Step 1 Purchase bundles of 100 trees for $250 per bundle.

Step 2 Within 3 days of your purchase you will receive an e-mail, that includes planting codes to send to your gift list. A unique link will be sent for each bundle of 10 trees you purchase. You can then send one, two or three links to each person on your list.

The recipient can then follow the link and use their unique code to plant their gift, with a message, in the GreenShows™ virtual forest.

The physical trees for this promotion are planted in Northern Saskatchewan.

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